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4 Vehicle Tune Ups You Can Use To Avoid Transmission Overheating

When it comes to transmission problems, overheating is said to be the source of all issues. Overheating can come about when a vehicle is under heavy strain, e.g. when overloaded, when towing, when going up steep terrains, etc. When damaged due to heat, the transmission requires costly repairs and rebuilds or even complete replacements. In this article, discover some helpful tune up ideas that can help you avoid this.

Get A Deeper Oil Pan

The oil pan works as a reservoir for the transmission fluid. There are deeper aftermarket oil pans that can be fitted to increase the size of this reservoir. By doing so, more transmission fluid can be added to the unit. This lowers chances of the transmission running low on oil. Having more transmission fluid also extends the time it takes for that oil to heat up, thus averting overheating.  

Transmission Oil Additives

Another way to keep your transmission from overheating is by adding aftermarket additives. These are especially manufactured to be added into the transmission during an oil change. The way these additives work is that they alter the thermal performance of the oil while retaining its lubrication and coolant properties. So essentially, they keep the oil cooler for longer.  

Transmission Temperature Gauge

Transmission temperature gauges are designed to monitor the temperature of the transmission fluid. This is made possible by inserting a thermal sensor into the transmission unit. The sensor constantly reads the temperature of the oil leaving the unit and delivers feedback via a meter installed on the dash. This device therefore allows you to keep an eye on the temperature inside your transmission so that you can take the right measures when things start to heat up.

Transmission Coolers

You can also protect your transmission and increase its longevity by installing a transmission cooler. This is basically a thermal exchanger or a secondary radiator that cools the transmission oil and fluid before it goes into the transmission. It helps to supplement the action of the main radiator thus ensuring that the transmission fluid is kept cool regardless of the level of strain your vehicle is exposed to.  

As with every other vehicle tune up product, there are some products that work well and others that don't work as good. So don't just go for any transmission oil pan, oil additive, cooler or temperature gauge. Talk to a transmission repair expert first. They can help you choose a unit and also carry out the installation for you to ensure you enjoy the right results.