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Noises Coming From Your Rear Differential You Should Be Wary Of

Your vehicle's rear differential comprises numerous gears that have entwining teeth. Therefore, the effectiveness of this system ultimately depends on the precision of the different gears. This will be determined by how the individual gears are oriented in relation to each other as well as the amount of lubrication they are receiving when in use. When your rear differential begins to succumb to damage, one of the more common symptoms would be noises emanating from the system. Knowing the different sounds and what they mean could enable you to diagnose the problem with the system. Below are some of the noises coming from your rear differential that you should be wary of.

Howling from the rear differential

Howling noises almost always mean that there are significant wear and tear in the gears that make up your rear differential. Nevertheless, the howling may occur during different situations and not continuously. If you hear howling noises when you are trying to decelerate, then chances are the cause is a loosened pinion-bearing component. On the other hand, if the howling occurs when you are trying to accelerate, it would be an indicator of misaligned or worn out gears. Lastly, if you hear howling noises yet the vehicle is relatively new, then it could indicate that some of the teeth in the gears have become misaligned. Your auto mechanic should be able to determine the underlying cause of the howling and fix it before permanent damage is caused to your rear differential.

Rumbling from your rear differential

Another sound to be wary of emanating from your rear differential is rumbling. Most commonly, rumbling will happen when the vehicle's carrier bearings have become worn out. This will generally happen when you are trying to either increase or decrease your speed when driving. If you notice the rumbling noises are occurring constantly rather than when trying to accelerate or decelerate, then the problem could lie with a broken ring or pinion gear. The affected gear should be replaced posthaste as driving your vehicle with a broken gear can cause damage to other components of the rear differential.

Banging from your rear differential

One of the common reasons of banging noises coming from your rear diff would be insufficient lubrication used for positraction. You may also begin to hear loud banging sounds if the spider gears have broken, which would lead to the immobilisation of your rear differential. Lastly, banging noises may come about if the gears have broken teeth, which would lead to ingratiating sounds as the gears attempt to engage the pinion as you drive.