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What to Look for If You Have Air Conditioning Problems in Your Car

As the summer season rolls around and temperatures begin to spike, more attention will be paid to the interior comfort of your car. If you suspect that your cooling system may not be functioning properly, it's time to take action before the real heat arrives. What are some of the symptoms of a failing air-conditioner and what can you do?


If it's been some time since you serviced your air conditioning and it simply doesn't seem to be getting cold enough for your liking, it probably needs to be recharged. While this is something that you can do by yourself, there is a learning curve attached and it's better for you to get a certified mechanic to fix it.

Freon Issues

A/C systems rely on a chemical called Freon in order to cool them properly. Sometimes air leaks can develop in the system and the Freon can fall 'out of balance.' It doesn't take much to affect the delicate balance of your air conditioning system and sometimes the Freon can leak very slowly. Firstly, get your mechanic to check the level of Freon in the system and top it up if necessary. If, on the other hand, that has recently been done, then you may need to check the integrity of the hoses to make sure that the Freon doesn't leak out.

Faulty Compressor

The primary component of an air conditioning system is its compressor. This part can use a lot of electrical energy and can be sensitive to overheating. If such an electrical fault does materialise then typically the car's computer will switch the compressor off. This entire part many need to be replaced by your mechanic.

Failing Fan

If you can feel that there is cold air circulating but it is not blowing as it should, this means that the fan is not working any more. This component is housed beneath the dashboard and will need to be replaced in your mechanic's shop due to complexity.

Stuck Flaps

At the beginning of the season and when you first switch over from heating to cooling the ventilation system in your car should activate a small flap known as a blend air door. Occasionally, this can become stuck in one position due to expansion or contraction and this will not allow your A/C system to crank into life. Your mechanic will understand this symptom as well and will be able to repair it.

While these are the main issues that could materialise, your air conditioning system is quite complex and an auto AC diagnostic check should be carried out by your qualified mechanic.