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Four Simple, Yet Perhaps Not Intuitive, Tips When It Comes to Looking after Your Car

Looking after your car can pay dividends over its lifetime, but there are some relatively straightforward things you can do to help along the way, which you might not have thought about before. What simple tips should you consider?

Short Trips Cause More Wear and Tear

Did you know that if you only use your car for short commutes back and forth to work, this can actually cause more wear and tear to the engine than if you did perhaps ten times as much mileage on an annual basis? This is because the oil never gets the opportunity to warm up to the optimum operating temperature, which is when it's designed to perform at its best. Also this means that the internal moving parts of your engine never get a real "workout" and, over time, this can cause wear and tear. Consequently, you should change the oil in your car more regularly if you do these short, sharp trips that don't otherwise appear to be racking up the mileage.

Protection from the Sun

The hot Australian sun can really do a number on your new car. Of course, there is nothing that you can do to avoid exposure to the elements when you are using the car for its purpose, but you should at all times aim to keep it parked underground or indoors if at all possible. This will make a considerable difference to the outward appearance and condition of the vehicle as it ages. If you don't have access to a garage, get one of those custom-fitted vehicle covers - and use it!

Are You Rotating?

Most people never think about rotating the tyres and it's not advice that you hear regularly from the experts. However, doing this should ensure a more even wear rate across the entire set and you should be able to get a lot more mileage out of them before needing to replace.

It's All in Your Head

When the dry season rolls around many people avoid washing their cars. The amount of grime that builds up is far more subtle when it's not mixed with rainwater and as such the car doesn't "look" as dirty. However, it's amazing the difference it can make subconsciously if you maintain a car washing regimen throughout the year. When your car looks like new, you will be far more likely to treat it as such and consequently to take much better care of it. This will become increasingly more important when it comes time to sell it, as you are likely to attract a much higher price for a vehicle that has been well cared for.

For more information about car repair and maintenance, contact a professional.