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Is Your Caravan Ready for Next Summer?

If you're at home with the family on a dark and rainy night, you may have broken out the family album so you can reminisce and look at photos of previous holidays together. After all, you love to go caravanning each year and have many such trips to reflect on. These memories may prompt you to plan your next adventure and remind you to dig out the caravan from under its protective wrapping. However, this may also make you realise how old this caravan is, and it should prompt you to consider making some improvements for the future. But where should you start?

New Lease of Life

Old age does not come alone, and your caravan is certainly not immune to wear and tear over the years. It may have racked up many a kilometer in search of adventure, and the suspension is usually the first area to review. You don't really need to worry about the interior of the vehicle or the bodywork in many respects, but if you don't service the suspension, this will undoubtedly compromise the way that your towing rig handles when you set off into the sunset.

Spring Upgrade

You can begin by looking at the springs and considering an upgrade. If you install new components with an additional coil or spring as part of the structure, then you will be able to rebalance the caravan and improve its overall ride height. You'll be amazed how it will perform when driving along an unmade road and will find it much easier to manoeuvre when you finally get to your campsite.


However, you may also need to reconfigure your coupling device now that the caravan is "sitting" in a different place. Pay close attention to the position of the safety chain when you do this, and make sure that you recalculate the aggregate trailer mass when you are finished.

Underneath the Arches

Have a good look at the wheels and tyres, and change the brake pads or linings if necessary. Make sure that the bearings are capable of another season, and then ensure that everything fits securely and has plenty of clearance as part of your suspension work.

Modification Plate

You may need to add a modification plate to the frame of the caravan with an upgrade like this, and especially if your work has taken the vehicle into a separate category, based on its towing compatibility.

Getting Somebody Else to Do It

However, if you would rather sit inside and reminisce instead of getting your hands dirty in this fashion, outsource the work to a caravan repair specialist instead. They will also register any modifications with your local authority, if necessary.