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Top Features of a Quality Auto Scan Tool

If you are a mechanic, having a top-quality auto scan tool can be the difference between having repeat customers and having a continually empty auto shop. It is especially the case today where you have different options to choose from. If you get the wrong device or one that doesn't meet your needs and those of your clients, then you will struggle to conduct diagnostic services. However, you can only make the right choice if you know what to look for, and this article highlights the critical features of a top-quality auto scan tool.    

Compatibility With Various Car Models

To get value for the money that you spend on an auto scan device, then the device must be compatible with many car models rather than a handful of makes and brands. For instance, customers will not be happy if they find out that you do not have a tool that is compatible with their specific vehicles. The clients will look elsewhere and never come back. When shopping for an auto scan tool, therefore, ensure that you ask the supplier the number of car makes and models that are compatible with the scanner.   

Real-Time Software Updates 

The automotive industry is increasingly improving its technology; therefore, the diagnostic tools must match the advancements. It is for this reason that manufacturers provide constant updates for their auto scan tools. However, some of the updated files are big and might require time to download into the system. A top-quality auto scan tool is equipped with real-time update capabilities. It ensures the equipment is always updated and ready whenever needed. However, if you purchase an auto scan tool that cannot be updated in real-time, then you might not use it during updating. For instance, if a newer version of the software is available but you fail to download it immediately, then your customers have to wait until you are done with the upgrade.    

Compatibility With Smartphone

A built-in screen is a critical part of an auto scan tool. However, would it not be great to conduct an auto scan with a smartphone via Bluetooth? An auto scan tool that can connect with a smartphone ensures that you enjoy the benefits of viewing the results in a screen that has a higher resolution. Moreover, the feature eliminates the need to carry the scanner around while still enabling you to view diagnostic information from your smartphone screen.