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Could a Hidden Problem Affect the Usability of a Brand-New Tyre?

You may realise how important it is to service your car regularly. After all, you want to ensure that your fluid levels are correct, your brakes are in good working order and your vehicle will last as long as possible. However, did you know that it is equally as important to service your wheels and tyres and, crucially, to check for any imperfections over time? What are the implications if you do not do this?

Relying on Your Tyres

An old adage says that this is "where the rubber meets the road." Usually, this refers to an important moment in that given situation, but it draws attention to the contribution of the humble car tyre. In short, performance and safety are at stake if you do not keep your tyres in good condition, and you need to get them checked regularly.

No Time for Complacency

If you have just had new tyres fitted, you may think that you are okay for some time to come. However, if you drove over a very deep pothole last week, then this may not be the case. Did you know that the inner fabric of the tyre can break when it encounters a pothole like this? If it does, the sidewall may bulge out into a bubble, and this will affect the integrity of the tyre itself. Often, this will be hidden on the far side of the tyre wall, and you may not be able to see it during a cursory inspection.

Major Risks Ahead

When the tyre has been compromised in this way, it may no longer be fit for the purpose. In the worst-case scenario, it may fail at high speed as it will overheat and could blow. Clearly, this is a situation which you would want to avoid at all costs, and this is why you must get your wheels and tyres inspected often.

Inspect or Replace

When you take the car in for inspection, the technician will let you know what to do next. If they do discover a bulge and deem it to be a failure in the construction of the tyre, then you will need to replace it.

Taking Action

Remember, the safety of both you and your passengers is at stake if your tyres are not fit for the purpose. While there may be plenty of tread left and they may look outwardly fine, you should nevertheless schedule a closer inspection from time to time. Visit a tyre shop to learn more.