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Symptoms of a Jeopardised Exhaust System That Should Urge You to Visit a Car Mechanic

While not many motorists pay close attention to the condition of their exhaust, this system is integral to the overall performance of your vehicle for several reasons. Contrary to popular belief, the exhaust is not solely tasked with the safe elimination of toxic emissions from the car. Instead, its performance is also vital for the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as well as the functioning of your engine.

With that in mind, every motorist must pay keen attention to any changes to the performance of their exhaust system, as this could mean the difference between catching an underlying auto problem early or leaving it to become aggravated to the point of your car breaking down. To help you stay on top of things, check out the following symptoms of a jeopardised exhaust system that should urge you to visit a car mechanic.

Changes to the smoke emissions

Granted, smoke from your exhaust system is not abnormal. However, you should know that the type of smoke coming from your exhaust is indicative of whether you should be concerned about an undiagnosed problem or not. Normal exhaust smoke is supposed to be thin, which means it will dissolve fast once emitted. Therefore, when the smoke starts to appear thicker than normal, you should see a car mechanic so they can rule out any potential auto problems.

Secondly, normal exhaust smoke should be a pale, translucent hue that resembles vapour. When the plumes have changed colour, it usually means there is an issue that needs professional attention. Blue-coloured exhaust, for instance, is indicative of oil being burned, whereas stark white exhaust means the coolant is combusting.

Bizarre smells in your vehicle's cabin

Certainly, exhaust smoke does not have an appealing odour. Nevertheless, this is a smell that you get accustomed to with time simply due to being familiar with it whenever you drive your vehicle. Thus, the moment you begin to catch whiffs of bizarre smells whenever your car is in operation, you should be wary of a potential problem with your exhaust that is symptomatic of a bigger underlying issue with your car. Heated exhaust smoke making its way to your car's engine bay can burn the plastic components in this location, and this leads to an acrid odour making its way through the vents and into the cabin of your vehicle.

In other scenarios, if part of the exhaust close to the engine is damaged, fuel can leak into this system, and this leads to a pungent fuel odour inside the vehicle. Inhaling fuel fumes is highly hazardous, as you could be breathing in carbon monoxide. Any strange odours should have you see a car mechanic so that they can fix the root of the problem.