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How To Interview Your Panel Beater

Are you looking for a panel beater to conduct accident repairs or restore your classic car? If you do, you may be concerned about the expertise of the available panel beaters. Below is an excerpt with some interview questions you can use to assess the panel beater's skills and service quality. 

What Is Your Speciality? 

Critically assess the panel beater's speciality. For instance, some panel beaters will specialise in specific projects (such as classic car restoration), while others will deal with particular vehicle models. The benefit of working with a specialised mechanic is that they can anticipate problems and know how to handle such problems. For instance, there are cases when it is difficult to find replacement parts for specific car models. If this is the case, the panel beater could advise you to buy a donor car or consider refurbished parts. 

Do You Conduct Insurance Repairs? 

It is a vital consideration if your insurance company will cover the car repair costs. In this case, the panel beater should be accredited by your insurance company. If the professional conducts insurance repairs, check whether they offer complementary services such as free towing and courtesy cars. 

What Is Your Repair Protocol? 

This question will help you examine the panel beater's expertise. Below are some essential components of the repair protocol: 

  • The panel beater should conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the scope of repairs. During the inspection, the professional should create a list to help them plan the repairs.
  • The professional should assess the damaged parts and determine whether they can be repaired or require replacements.
  • The panel beater should consult with the client on the various repair options and the need for additional works. For instance, if your vehicle suffered side damage, the panel beater would want to know whether they repaint the whole vehicle. The professional should also advise you about the different paint qualities.
  • The panel beater should draw a repair timetable indicating the sequence at which they will conduct the repair works and how long the works will take. 

What Are Your Terms? 

Most clients forget to assess the terms and conditions of their panel beater. For example, does the professional give guarantees on the repairs? Moreover, check their liability policy. For instance, will they compensate you if the vehicle suffers additional damage or gets stolen while in their hands? Reputable panel beaters will provide you with a comprehensive quote before commencing repairs. It helps prevent payment disputes.

When interviewing a panel beater, assess their speciality, repair protocol, terms, and pricing. Additionally, check whether they conduct insurance repairs.