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How To Buy Used Car Parts On The Internet

E-commerce websites are probably the biggest marketplace for used car parts. However, you might be hesitant to purchase used car parts from the internet since you are not sure if you will get value for your money. The guide below should help you as you are buying used parts on the internet. 


Adequate research will direct you to reputable dealers. Start by checking car forums and car blogs to determine how other car enthusiasts rate the various auto parts websites. This investigation can be eye-opening since you will know what to expect when dealing with the different dealers. Besides, it becomes easy to identify dealers that sell the parts you require. 

Determine The Required Parts

As a rule, ensure that the part you purchase fits your vehicle. Retrieve the OEM number from the damaged part and give an accurate description of your vehicle's make, model, and trim. It ensures you get the correct part. If you own an older car model, it might be challenging to get the exact part. In this case, check if your car model is badge engineered. If it is, parts from the replica will fit your car. In other instances, manufacturers share engine and transmission components across the various models. Therefore, determine the models that share parts with your vehicle. 

Ask For Inspection Reports

There are two ways to examine the part on sale; a physical inspection and an inspection report. It might be a bit challenging to inspect the part. However, if you ask the seller to send detailed pictures, it is easy to tell obvious defects such as rust and cracks. An inspection report will give a thorough assessment of the part. For example, when buying a turbocharger, the report will inform you if the housing has cracks, if the compressor wheel has damage, if the part has shaft play and if the turbine is worn out. 

Examine The Seller's Terms 

Once you find a suitable part, read the seller's terms to determine if the component is a worthy purchase. For instance, check the dealer's location to determine how long it will take to ship the parts. If possible, consider locally based dealers since they can send the part within a few hours. The dealer should also inform you about the part's history. For example, a transmission system could have been refurbished with performance parts. They should also give a warranty. Finally, they must be ready to give you a price cut. 

When buying used auto parts on the internet, research, determine the required parts, ask for an inspection report and check the dealer's terms.