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Engine Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Working Order

Like many other car owners, you are responsible for keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. If you fail to do routine vehicle maintenance, it will develop problems that may worsen over time and lead to expensive repairs later. 

Performing routine engine maintenance is crucial for maximising the performance and lifespan of your car while keeping repair costs as low as possible. But what exactly does proper car engine maintenance include?

Keep reading this article to learn the various engine maintenance tasks that will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Oil changes

Your vehicle's engine has many running parts that use oil for lubrication. Unfortunately, this oil becomes dirty and breaks down over time, losing its cleaning and lubricating qualities. When this happens, the car can overheat and suffer irreparable engine damage. 

As part of regular vehicle maintenance, you should get your engine oil changed. That way, you can keep the engine running smoothly throughout your vehicle's lifespan.

Filter changes

Your engine comprises different filters, including oil, air and fuel filters. Each filter has a specific purpose.

The oil filter removes dirt particles from the oil that flows through your engine. The air filter keeps airborne contaminants out of the engine, while the fuel filter helps keep the fuel supply clean.

Over time, these engine filtration systems become clogged with dirt and will require cleaning or replacement. Ensure you clean or replace them regularly to keep unwanted elements out of your engine.

Spark plug replacements

Unlike diesel cars, where the fuel is self-ignited when sprayed into compressed, hot air within the internal combustion engine, petrol-powered engines use spark plugs for ignition.

As their name implies, spark plugs create the spark necessary to initiate the ignition process in petrol engines. As these small plugs become dirty or faulty over time, they may lose their spark and lead to trouble starting your car.

Regular cleaning of the spark plugs will help to prolong their lifespan, but all plugs will eventually require complete replacement at some point in time.

Following the car maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle manufacturer is the best way to keep the vehicle in top-running condition. However, problems resulting in car malfunctions and breakdowns can still occur, even with proper vehicle maintenance. The good news is that a qualified auto mechanic can fix most car problems.

Bring your car to a mechanic's if you encounter any problems with the vehicle.